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Group Buy Rules

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** These rules apply to new group buys going forward as of 2/25/08 **

1) Please do not post group buys which are being hosted by outside distributors/vendors if a current site supported vendor sells this product on a regular basis. If you think that enough people would be interested in buying a particular item, please contact one of the site supported vendors first to see if they would be willing to arrange a special group buy for site members.

2) In order to protect other members, individuals who host or post group buy information must be a regular member of the website. Users who register with the site just to post an outside group buy should expect to be purged.

3) I wholeheartedly support group buys to help the members of this website save some money. However, I must place a "1 group buy limit" on individuals or outside vendors who are not site supporters. If you wish to continue promoting products on this site, please sign up for some sort of Site Supporter package, even if it's just a basic Stage I package.

4) Individuals who post group buys must declare in their first post whether the distributor/vendor who is the source of the parts is a supported vendor of this site.
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