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OK, Guys I just talked to WAYNE, APS Precision Today hes pretty cool I talked to him about buying some aps valvebodys & or kits as group and he said with 4 of us is it be around a savings of about 50 dollars apeice(By the way he said they don't normally do group buys on valve bodys since there so much to them...)plus the normal core refund if your current one is salvegible, also the more ppl we can get buy at once he'll up the amout off. Assuming all of us won't need all of the extras(new sensors, etc) added to valvebody prices may vary .

Hi I just started this group buy over at the Delphi Dakota R/T Forums if anybody seriously interested let me know & heres the Link for APS www.apsprecision.com By the way I'm totally new to the whole group buy thing so if anybody has any pointers on how to organize this let me know.

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