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Group Buy: 6pc Billet Pulley Sets

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Ok, I've had a bunch of guys emailing and PM'ing me about these over the last couple of months.

I am working with the machine shop I work for right now to CNC these pulleys rather then me making them by hand.. To get the price down we've settled on making 10 sets.

This will be the same set thats pictured on my website, with one exception and that is that it will include an actual power steering pulley not a cover.

I would like to get at least 5 guys in on this buy to go through with it. If you don't want a full set let me know if you want individual pulleys and I will sell you those for the same price as I'm offering them in the kits.

For the group buy I am willing to keep my price of $575 for the kit or at least close to it. After this the cost WILL go up, cnc machines aren't cheap and niether is the time on them. As for the individual pulleys I'm not sure if they will be all priced at $95.83 or if they will be priced accordingly(power steering pulley would be more then a flat idler).

For now this will only be for the 3.9/5.2/5.9 as they are more popular but if theres 5 guys with 4.7 that want then and are willing to put a deposit on them I'll make it happen

For some of you that havn't seen the pulleys they can be seen at my website here: http://billetpulleys.com/products.aspx
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so far I have interest in 2 sets of idlers and a full set.. hardly worth forking out the money to cnc them haha.. In the spring when everyones getting trucks out this buy might be more realistic but for now it looks like im gonna keep widdling them out in my garage
Power steering, tensioner pulley, and the idler pulley on the Alternator bracket.
your on the list already:woot:
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