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Found a wheel manufacturer who will build to our specs. Forged 2-pc welded. 6x4.5" BCP. Clearance for Viper brakes. Correct offset/center bore.

Invited Jorge from Rodtana Designs to join up and read/post here in pursuit of this. No Russ-type drama here; I don't need your money to buy my set. I do hope to benefit from the buying power of a group, but I'm not handling anyone else's money, so no worries about anyone skimming or ripoffs.

1-pc cast RT. This is not the wheel we are discussing right now, but his foundry will soon have a center very similar to this for use in a 3-pc wheel with a very narrow lip... Don't know anything else about this currently, but wanted to post the pic for informational purposes.

2-pc/3-pc RT. This is the one that caught my eye; I'm assuming it is also the one Jorge can do in the manner described above. Initial quote was $500-$625/wheel, depending on specs. I'm hoping we can get this down even further with enough buyers, but Jorge is the man to make that call.

EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON THE AMOUNT OF INTEREST IN THIS, so if you're looking for a set of rollers and you like what you see, post up and be heard.

Hope to get 10-20 interested parties on this. Why bother, you say, when Boze, Intro, CCW, etc already offer high-end wheels? Because Jorge has said that - depending on size - he can beat their pricing by as much as a third.

Is anyone close to Oxnard, CA willing to meet with Jorge with your truck to provide critical dimensions?

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