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Group buy: 1 piece port plates

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Well, as promised i got the first 1 piece port plate done today. Everything went together great first try. The pics are of the "prototype", and the actual one's will have a slight revision, being the ports will have .5 45's on one corner. Here's the pics, any questions please pm me. There cost more to make than i originally anticipated. Im not going to bs anyone, i have about 85 in them. They are .500 thick.

$100 bucks plus shipping.

If there's anything anybody would want different, please speak up.
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i am completely new to modding the kota/rango. what is the benefit of this piece?(i seriously dont know)
due to the design/size of Spintech brand mid-length and long-tube headers, they use a different bolt pattern to accomodate. Thus the need for "port plates" which are basically adapters to accept the new bolt pattern. they attach to the head with flush mount screws in the factory bolt holes, and are tapped for the headers to mount to the plates.

in short, they are only necessary for Spintech headers
thanks for the explanation. makes sense.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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