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I want to improve the looks of my Grill on the 2003 QC Dakota I bought recently. The factory grill is broken/cracked near the top corner, and the fake "chrome" over the plastic has bubbled.
I usually like chrome on a truck (or Harley), but as this Dakota is silver in color, I thought black would look better. I will be getting a winch bumper for it next month and it will come in black as well.
I was thinking of getting a factory look alike replacement grill (plastic), but in black chrome.
I like the dividers better than the one big oval look, but will do away with the little plastic louvers in between. I'd like to insert a black or silver mesh panel behind it.
Does anyone know of a mesh panel I can buy to put behind the new grill ? Or will I have to buy a generic one and cut it down to fit ?
I would not be opposed to buying metal instead of plastic, for the grill or insert.
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