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grease fittings??

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i replaced my ball joints back in january. now they are squeaking and i think its because they have no grease fittings and i go in the woods alot. i think i washed all the grease that sits around the ball joint. am i right or am i retarded lol now should i soak my ball joint in grease or should i get grease fittings... can i even get grease fittings for the ball joint??
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well than it must not be the ball joints cuz its def. a squeking it happens alot when i turn but the sound only comes from the passenger side and it sounds like it is comin right from the ball joint. i know they crack and pop cuz i replaced them back in jan. but like i said thats where it sounds like its coming from and it doesnt sound like its the prings or anything. i really need help on finding the problem and i dont feel like taking it to get looked at cuz im a girl and they will try to screw me cuz they will think i dont know anything lol.
thanks so much im gonna check that out. if it is that what should i do about it
i got the squeaking in my front to stop now it only squeaks when it turns i think it has to be something within my power steering any guesses?
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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