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long story short, my truck got hit by gravel

actual story, i was headin back home wensday when a dump truck loaded with gravel headin in the opposite direction passed by me while doin the speed limit 50, soon as i got beside him gravel came down in front of me, soon as it hit the top of the grille and hood it spreaded goin from front to back, i tried to catch up with him but traffic was too heavy.

the person doin the work/repair is one of the best around my area, since its gonna be in the booth ill prob drop a lil extra money n have the whole truck done. the grille, hood, windsheild, driver fender, roof, headlights and tonneau all have rock chips. dependin my cost to have some other parts done im thinkin of havin pearl ghost flames added but nothing dramatic. example of his work "do it right or dont do it at all and bondo isnt allowed only metal"
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