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Redesigned block maybe??? :huh:

I just know what I heard in a 60 second spot and what you can order. Seems a 440 is also availible.


OOPS AFTER MARKET :( sorry got to drooling.

Also my appologies fro putting gen2 hemi and not gen3 hemi
Yeah you are right it is the gen 3 hemi, and also the aftermarket is full of 426 and 440 stroker kits... the 6.4 will be the 392 motor which has been around for a while in rumor mills for OE and as an aftermarket stroker kit for the 5.7 motor, and the OE 392 might have multi displacement system from the 5.7 which would be a pretty efficient high performance powerplant...

and also... now Ma-mopar has come out with an ALL ALUMINUM Gen 3 hemi block that can be taken to 468 cubic inches, six bolt mains, and is setup for a dry-sump oiling system. That would take on an LS7 any day of the week in a pound for pound battle...

anyone have 5k they can lend me for the block alone though? yikes...
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