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Gen II Durango Lug Nuts

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So I have an old faithful Gen I Durango and since my kid liked it and was looking I ended up helping him get a Gen II ('05). Couple of the lug nuts are in need of replacement. In the long run I wouldn't mind just getting him a full set of solid nuts to replace the two piece design which always fail at some point. Seems along with the 6 lug to 5 lug change they went to a much larger 9/16 with 7/8 hex. I am not having any issues finding nuts that meet the spec, am not sure if he can use a generic nut or not. His truck has steel wheels with the fake alloy hub caps. The factory nuts have a cone seat, but then there is for lack of a better term a neck then a flat flange followed by the hex. I can find these from parts store, but kind of expensive and only in the two piece style. Problem is I don't know if the caps will "bolt" on correctly with standard type nuts or not.
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