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I got tired of drums and not having C-clip eliminators. So I was able to do this swap fairly cheap. I used the rear disc brakes off of 95-98 Grand Cherokee. I used the backing plates, calipers, and soft brake lines. I used summit rotors for the extra bling. The U pull it charged me $40 for everything. The rotors were $60 from summit. It is close to a bolt on affair. I did have to slightly enlarge the backing plate hole with a dremel to clear the axle, but it was minor. I thought about doing a complete write up, but there is so many of these write ups for Cherokees I won't. Here's a link if any of you get inspired: http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f11/zj-rear-disc-conversion-8-25-write-up-whole-truth-607435/
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