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Gen 1 to Gen 2 engine swap

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I'm changing from a 93 Dodge Dakota 3.9 engine to a 5.2L out of a 96 Dodge Dakota. Got motor and transmission out of 93 I want to put in my 93 will it work and how hard is it ? Also I don't have the complete wiring harness out of truck... Please help
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I was looking at the title of your thread (gen1 to gen2 swap) & I am pretty sure that the '96 is also a gen 1. Meaning that you are doing a gen 1 to gen 1 swap, which may simplify matters and mean that you MAY not have as big an interchangeability issue with PCMs and wiring harnesses (as far as the years go). (However, in the engine swapping game, nothing is a sure thing, and there may be some variations within the gen1 years.) And I would agree that the wiring harness and PCM should both be for a 5.2 and you MAY need to get the PCM flashed for your VIN, or possibly a flash for the swap . . . I do not know how sophisticated the Dak PCMs were back then.
you don't really run into issues with the vin in the pcm being different until after 2000. even then its particular to the model. I don't think the dakota did until the 3rd gen in 2005.
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