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GB: Axle Drop brackets

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This is the official group buy thread created for the custom JMR front axle drop brackets for us guys that want to go higher up front with IFS and not risk our CV axles binding up.

These kits will come supplied with 6 point grade 8 not the hardware shown. Please click the link in my thread to see how this project developed and get a bit more detail on how this will work.

Price and person count goal is $200 for 6 people.

Add yourself to the list!

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1 - topgearmopar
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Hey Top Gear, I'm still hanging.
Come on guys, you know this Drop Kit for our front diff's is a must for our trucks that are lifted to the Bump-Stops and beyond!
as y'all can see from the image in my attachment, me & my R3/Martin Saine Pro2, are patiently waiting for this group buy to come to fruition.
Are you guys, did you guys make any headway with this project??? I want to know more if so!!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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