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Gaylord Lids Speedsturr wing Bedcover

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Hello, well I have been looking for a long time now for an innovations cover for my dakota. I found something simular by Gaylords. http://www.gaylordslids.com/showroom/dodge.php

Its under speedsturr wing bedcover, and there is a gallery on what it looks like. They make it for dakotas 05-up, however they can custom make one for 97-04 dakotas.
I called and spoke with Cory and to get a Speedsturr cover, with the options. which includes... (can click on link that says features and options)
singlock painted
automotive rotary latch system
trimless edge
EZ grip tool, clamp
stainless steel hinge system
pull strap
keyless remote access with dome light
painted to match color

it would cost $1750.00 shipped.

if you would like the LED light in the back thats an extra $100.00
GaylordsLids includes
90 day electric warranty
2 year warranty parts
5 year warranty on paint
Lifetime warranty for the structure on the fiberglass.

I know that its very pricy, so I was hoping maybe would could do a group buy, I don't know if they will or not, I haven't gotten that far. I want to know how many people are interested and go from there.
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1750 for a tonneau cover? Holy shit. My innovations was shipped to me for under a grand.

You know, Superior might still be in business...
Yeah Superior is probably run out of a home, LOL! Keep trying though. Or contact one of his distributors if you can find one, probably some local place in southern California. Do some searching for sure, you can probably dig up something from google.
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