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Fuel Rail Feeler

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Theres been some people asking if I'll make the fuel rails so I'm trying to see whos serious about this. I would need to get about 5 people together. For price I was thinking $220 or $240 with a gauge.

The ones in the group buy would be a little different then in the picture, the cross-over will be in the back and the fuel line will attach in the factory location. You'll need to specify if you have a keg or m1 aswell, I can also do them for a v6 if anyones interested in that
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I'm interested as well...
I work at a machine shop that does ship maintence during the winter so I usually don't have time for the dakota stuff unfortunatly. In the spring when that slows down I'll be able to catch up on the fun stuff.
If you could read you'd realize he dosen't do this for a living, it's more of he WANTS to help the community when he can. As stated there are other options so why are you guys loosing sleep over this? If you wanted a set a rails asap take your business elsewhere....Are you in heat?, because your sounding like a bitch. Grow up

For those who are not in a rush like myself I have no problem waiting. I'm supprised at the maturity level here, somtimes I have to check that I'm not on cobaltss.net or jbody.org.....

Deanler- Let me know when you get around to making rails as I'd still be interested.
1 - 2 of 91 Posts
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