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Fuel Rail Feeler

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Theres been some people asking if I'll make the fuel rails so I'm trying to see whos serious about this. I would need to get about 5 people together. For price I was thinking $220 or $240 with a gauge.

The ones in the group buy would be a little different then in the picture, the cross-over will be in the back and the fuel line will attach in the factory location. You'll need to specify if you have a keg or m1 aswell, I can also do them for a v6 if anyones interested in that
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I dont think anyone has asked in this thread, but do you make em for the 4.7? Lol
What is a Fuel Rail Service ans why is it necessary as part of maintenance service?
Go away you dipshit spammer
Working on those soon. First of year or so...
I was just joking, cause like, 15 people have asked Deanler about it..lol
1 - 3 of 91 Posts
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