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Fuel Rail Feeler

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Theres been some people asking if I'll make the fuel rails so I'm trying to see whos serious about this. I would need to get about 5 people together. For price I was thinking $220 or $240 with a gauge.

The ones in the group buy would be a little different then in the picture, the cross-over will be in the back and the fuel line will attach in the factory location. You'll need to specify if you have a keg or m1 aswell, I can also do them for a v6 if anyones interested in that
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I'm interested, I won't need the gauge but will need the port for electric gauge sender


Do you have a link for what your talking about? I could probably just drill and tap for your sensor.. I'm not going to charge for an extra hole so you'de get away with 220
I would be depending on when?
I just ordered the material for 3 sets, 2 of are spoken for. Ill probably continue the price until the 5 sets are sold then go from there, I'll probably keep making them but price might go up
I didn't realize how big the sending unit is, I will probably mount it remote before the fuel inlet


Ya I don't think that would look to good hanging off the fuel rails:jester: You down for a set?
tried to post yesterday, but something logged off.

Do you have mounts for 4bbl M1's?
Any other color for rails?
Can you make the whole kit minus rails?

I also have an electric fuel pressure gauge, wonder if i can still have two working? Add the other sender in somewhere.

Sorry I don't have a 4bbl to mock a set up to:sorry: For now they won't be offered in anodized of any colour, just bare. By make the whole kit minus the rails do you mean you just want the fittings?
fittings, fuel gauge, and mounts. guess i can come up with all that myself :jester:
I could drill and tap the rails for $140 if thats what your looking for:banana2:
Heres a picture of the first set, they're for a guy up here in Canada. He wanted bling..

Still have to put the gauge in and make the mounting tabs but you get the idea
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The fittings are actually chromed.. I don't even want to give these away to the guy. They look killer
How much more would a set like that cost?

Basically just the extra cost of the chrome fittings, The guy that baught those paid 290 shipped to his door, I would do the same price if you wanted them chromed and polished
Still have 2 more sets here ready to ship! Buy em up!
Have enough for 2 more sets again.. Heres some I just made for a v6:woot:

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From what I've seen I think the 4bbls have the same mounting points as the 2bbls. Post up a pic of your 4bbl
Price is 220 or 240 with a fuel pressure gauge, I have enough material to do 2 more sets here.. I've been meaning to get them done but just havn't had the time:sorry:

I'll let you guys know when I have a couple more sets ready to ship
I still have the means to make all of this stuff, I work at a machine shop that does ship maintence during the winter so I usually don't have time for the dakota stuff unfortunatly. In the spring when that slows down I'll be able to catch up on the fun stuff. Sorry guys, I have a list of names jotted down with what you wanted.. when I get around the making the stuff I'll let you know and if you want it great, if not someone else will pick it up.
I basically sell them as a direct replacement for the stock system but all 4 ends of the rails are drilled and tapped so with some more fittings you can do whatever you want with it
Lol, thats why i posted this a long time ago, what a joke! Hook these guys up Brandon!
I'm a joke? Because I got busy with other stuff and dont have time to make YOU some fuel rails. If you spent 10 minutes on here you'de realize there are other options.

You heard it here first guys, contact brandon burns or richard for quick respinses !!!!!
Sounds like someone gets it. We've had a a busy year at work and the time i would usually spend making Dakota parts was spent at work on overtime, which pays a lot more than making fuel rails unfortunatly for black night
Justin please send your fuel rails back to me to discard of so you can purchase brandon burns mythical rails that he hasn't made yet
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