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fuel pressure regulator upgrades?!

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I have an 01 4.7 with loads of work I will last at the bottom. I just got a walbro 255lph pump BUT Iv been told that the pressure regulator won’t actually allow any added pressure then stock so it’s almost pointless. Has anyone been able to bypass this problem?

ported/polishes heads, filled quench pads, high compression head gaskets, HO cams, injectors. intake manifold, bigger throttle body, timing chain, +10,000 volt coils, electric fan conversion, and an SCT tune, JBA headers and Mastwrflow exhaust, big 3 battery charging upgrade, dual 10” subs on 2500watts, touch screen nav stereo, custom black interior, viper seats, full color changing light system internal/external.
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Why do you want more pressure?

With larger injectors, you may want more FLOW; the 255lph pump will give you that.

Umm ...

Pressure <> flow.

Read that again.

Pressure is NOT equal to FLOW.

You don't want more PRESSURE, you want more FLOW.

As long as the hoses are big enough, and the regulator able to handle the flow (and a mere 255lph is nothing!), then you're golden.

Matter of fact, the biggest change that folks on other forums I'm on do when they move to 340lph and higher, is to increase the size of the feed and return lines.

Same regulator does the job.

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