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FAQ: On all of the website pages (except the forum area) there are pictures of various Dodge Dakotas and Durangos at the top of the screen. Can my truck be shown there too?

Answer: Yes! The photo gallery on the main pages of the site is dedicated to showing actual Dodge Dakota and Durango trucks owned by the users who visit this site (see highlighted picture above). All you need to do is send me some 200x150 pixel photos of your truck and I will get them added to the rotation.

You do not need to have a site supporter membership to utilize this feature of the site.

Click here for the Photos FAQ for some tips on how to re-size your photos. If you are having great difficulty getting your photos reduced just send them full-size and I will take care of it but it may delay how long it takes for them to be posted.

How to submit your photos:
Option 1: Send your photos via e-mail to [email protected]
Option 2: Reply to this post and attach the photo(s) to this thread.

NOTE: I will not be processing photos every day - photos will be saved up for a couple of weeks at a time and then uploaded in batches. Responses to this thread will be deleted as the photos are uploaded to reduce clutter.
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:) mine

more lift custom fabricated control arms, 33" x 12.50" tires and custom skid plate for custom bumper coming soon


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My 2000 Sport with 69k miles

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2000 Durango R/T


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