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Front brakes dragging

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2001 Dak 4.7 4x4 SLT: I smoked my front driver's side brake with short city driving. It heated up to the point that I could smell it and pulled very hard to the left. This happened to me a year ago, but that time both fronts smoked! I let them cool, and they were fine since.

The previous owner also had brake issues and the dealer replaced rotors, calipers, and pads...seems to be another issue to be happening. Obviously the calipers are not releasing. Would the booster cause this problem?

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My passenger side did the same thing after installing my Hotchkis springs last summer. I was so proud of myself after installing my drop:D and went to drive for the 1st time and after 10 - 15 min. I started smelling something burning and then my brakes started going to shit and all the sudden I had smoke! I carefully drove home and took the wheel off and decided to bleed that caliper and all has been fine since. Old brake lines make since, I had been manhandling the calipers.
That might be true, so why do we have 6 lugs!:D It seems to me that the brake issues may all be due to the rear brakes and possibly the anti lock brake system? I seem to have no problems locking up the front brakes but the rear just never seem to do a good enough job. I know that if I take the time to keep the rear brakes adjusted they work pretty good. I know I use to have an old 69 Road Runner that had killer manual drum brakes. I could just about put myself through the windshield if I slammed on the brakes. Probably the best brakes I ever had.
They may not be a heavy duty work trucks but they aren't much smaller than the full size trucks of a few decades ago. The new full sized trucks have gotten huge in the last decade.
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