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Front brakes dragging

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2001 Dak 4.7 4x4 SLT: I smoked my front driver's side brake with short city driving. It heated up to the point that I could smell it and pulled very hard to the left. This happened to me a year ago, but that time both fronts smoked! I let them cool, and they were fine since.

The previous owner also had brake issues and the dealer replaced rotors, calipers, and pads...seems to be another issue to be happening. Obviously the calipers are not releasing. Would the booster cause this problem?

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The problem seems to be divots worn into the slide rails by the pads which catch on the pads and won't let the caliper release. Slide rails are intrinsic to the steering knuckle and cannot be replaced. I have been told the 03 Durango steering knuckle has serviceable slide rails and will fit the 1999 GEN III, do you guysknow if that is accurate?
This is what Turbojeep says in the General Parts Inquiries forum:

"I swapped the 03 Durango knuckles, calipers, etc onto my 01 Dakota. Pretty straight forward and everything bolder right up, just a matter to popping the ball joints and slapping the new ones in.

I did it mainly for the beefier brakes and 2 piston calipers. I got tired of having to get new rotors every 8 months. So far so good, I put them on in Dec."

I'd ask him any specifics. If I'm replacing the knuckle I figure "in for a penny, in for a pound" as the British say. "While you're in there" may as well replace the ball joints.
Thanks, I appreciate it. When the time is right I think I'll purchase some hoist time and do everything in the front end at once. Control arm bushings, wheel bearings, ball joints, tie rod ends, etc.
Mr. Corn Husker, your private messages are at capacity and will not accept new ones.

Do you know where I can get 2003 or 2004 steering knuckles? I do not know of a parts source. Also, since Gen III runs 1999 – 2004, will 2004 tie rod ends bolt to my 1999 center link? The inners look different at Rock Auto.
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Man, great deal. I'm guessing that 1999 tie rod ends will bolt right up to the 2003 knuckles, was that your experience?
Grinding smooth and lubricating the slide rails or replacing with the newer ones is the only fix. Otherwise I think the brakes work just fine for the vehicle. Thanks for the photo mstatkus.
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