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Front brakes dragging

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2001 Dak 4.7 4x4 SLT: I smoked my front driver's side brake with short city driving. It heated up to the point that I could smell it and pulled very hard to the left. This happened to me a year ago, but that time both fronts smoked! I let them cool, and they were fine since.

The previous owner also had brake issues and the dealer replaced rotors, calipers, and pads...seems to be another issue to be happening. Obviously the calipers are not releasing. Would the booster cause this problem?

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Replace the lines and calipers. Problem solved. Very common.
i think u mean flex lines only right... no need to replace steel lines right?
i had the same issue tho just recently. its been almost a month now since i swapped out the calipers, pads, rotors and flex lines on both front. bled fronts out. havn't had any issues as of yet. actually they felt wierd at first like it was late braking and whatnot but now the pads seem to have settled. smooth now.
i agree with boomfist tho... they don't feel the same as other trucks/cars still tho. there's always been some kind of loosness alittle. we'll see. my 01 club cab i had was great tho after the brakes were done. hard to say.
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