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I just took mine off of my single tone dakota, I was going to bed liner them like my front bumper but decided to leave them off. I need something to get the masking tape residue off where i marked the locations of the flares lol. Otherwise i would post a picture
Well I know a lot of people wont like the look but I took the fender flares off the dakota today. I started because the front drivers side was broken, but when it came off I made up my mind to take the rest off. I like the look, gonna look a lot better after i trim up the front bumper for my new 285/75/16 SST's. plus think of doing some wheel spacers.

2004 dodg
by tater302, on Flickr

04 no flares 2
by tater302, on Flickr

04 no flares
by tater302, on Flickr
how did you get the residue off. I just took the flares off my Durango and left with residue and was curious on what you did to get them off
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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