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Free Mods!

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ok everyone list all the free mods we can do to our trucks, i think i have all of them covered but not sure....this is where you come in....hopefully we can all learn from eachother and gain more power :mullet: :mulle

Mine are...

Relocated IAT sensor
removed rubber flap from front of grille
rmoved 3rd row seat for less weight (Iv got a durango if you havent figured :biggthump )
and removed trailer hitch for weight due to me never using it (for sale)

are there any more?

any comments would help us all!

thanks in advance :biggthump
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Free Mods

This isn't exactly free, but 180 degree thermostat won't break the bank. They always sell you these $ 250.00 piggy-back computers and they throw in a 180 degree thermostat. It's not the computer thats helping the situation, it's the thermostat. I've A-B and the thermostat wins hands down.
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I think there is a difference between barking your tires or pulling a 6% grade at 6-8 thousand feet elevation with 3 ton tied on. I got one of the first of 1400 to come off the assembly line. I bought it with the idea of having it for RV use and a hobby. I installed Doug Thorley headers, cut the 2 1/2 inch exit out of the converter and installed a 3 inch. It has the K&N snorkle Bosch quad tip spark plugs. Cosmetically, Cal induction hood with Dakota RT on each side of the raised part and a bumble bee stripe around the ass.
Now as for the computer, I have a Hyper-tech do nothing aluminum box that I have had off and on several times, then one day I decided to get off my lazy ass and install the 180 thermostat. Eureka!! The thing pulls like a mad bull. All of this is related to our yearly Spring pilgrimage to a park in South central Nevada. We live in Astoria, Oregon and it's a 1000 miles to our destination with 12 mountain passes, some up to 8000 ft. elevation. Black cc trimmed in red, with Cerullo buckets. [email protected]
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