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Free Mods!

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ok everyone list all the free mods we can do to our trucks, i think i have all of them covered but not sure....this is where you come in....hopefully we can all learn from eachother and gain more power :mullet: :mulle

Mine are...

Relocated IAT sensor
removed rubber flap from front of grille
rmoved 3rd row seat for less weight (Iv got a durango if you havent figured :biggthump )
and removed trailer hitch for weight due to me never using it (for sale)

are there any more?

any comments would help us all!

thanks in advance :biggthump
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xaos said:
There have been a lot of tests done on wind resistance and tailgates. There is ALOT less drag on your car with the tailgate on and up. The reason for this is a bubble forms which allows air to flow over, this is why bed covers only gain AT MOST 1-2mpg depending on weight. No tailgate causes the wind to swirl like crazy and create drag.
Yup what he said :biggthump
JagerHead27 said:
3. Go to the bone-yard and look for aftermarket hood scoops. I found one on an 80's fox body mustang and snagged it for $10! Then cut the hole in your hood to allow fresh air directly into your engine, thats a-lot cheaper than a "cold-air" kit.
You did what??
darwinbohnke said:
i think that he was talking about the hole you cut.
Ya....you cut a scoop off an old car and then glued it on your truck and cut the hole out?
JagerHead27 said:
Actually its a bolt-on scoop, I am going to fiberglass the scoop somewhat to make it look not look like a bolt-on and I am working on making a box to seal my engine to the hood :banana2:
Ah! that's better then.....when you explained it the first time I had horrible images in my head :jester: :jester:

Got pics?
1 - 4 of 185 Posts
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