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Free Mods!

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ok everyone list all the free mods we can do to our trucks, i think i have all of them covered but not sure....this is where you come in....hopefully we can all learn from eachother and gain more power :mullet: :mulle

Mine are...

Relocated IAT sensor
removed rubber flap from front of grille
rmoved 3rd row seat for less weight (Iv got a durango if you havent figured :biggthump )
and removed trailer hitch for weight due to me never using it (for sale)

are there any more?

any comments would help us all!

thanks in advance :biggthump
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How do you set the TPS to .7?
Thanks for the info....aloways wondered about that :biggthump
Real good stuff guys..... like the stuff above, dosent have to be 100% free just pretty cheap...... real good advice.......keep it comin :biggthump
Ominous said:
Going back to the first post, what is the rubber flap from front of grille? Does it serve a purpose?


I dont think so....Maybe put there to keep the truck warmer in sub zero climates or something.....the flap on my durango was dry rotting off anyways so i just pulled it clean off and boofka - a nice large area where fresh cool air can rish into the engine compartment
AllThingsEnd said:
about switching to synthetics. my engine is at about 60000. should i go ahead and try switching?

Yes, Youll be fine by switching.....The Synthetic oil dosent make anything leak, just uncovers porblems that are already there.....But with 60,000 miles if ouv taken care of it so far youll be fine :biggthump
98kadota said:
back to the argument of the a/c off windows down thing....lol....i raced my friends silverado with the a/c off and the windows up (he was on my bumper).....then i turned the ac on max a/c full cold level one on the fan speed...(took him by at least a car maybe a lil more.....this proves to me that dodges have always and will always pull harder and better under load........btw these are rough estimats doesnt really prove anything and isnt this argument about power cuz i heard a lil about gas mileage lol and personally at 10.6 mpg (best).....(in my 5.9 4x4 durango) i cant really be concerned about gas mileage lol......i go throug a half a tank a day.....but as far as power i do personally believe that it pulls harder when the ac is on the lowest setting of max....

I think the A/C turns off under WOT conditions, i could be wrong tho...anyone kno for sure?
1 - 7 of 185 Posts
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