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Found in the Classifieds - Post Notices Here

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This thread has been created for people to post links to items of interest that they found for sale by other people on other sites such as Craigslist, E-Bay, Autotrader, etc.
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1-1/2" Wheel Spacers

I have no connection to these.
Is this guy nuts? I have never seen this before but $2500!

Crack cocaine
Ewww, looks like someone attacked it with a spray bomb.
Great Deal on Eagle Alloys

Not mine.
Damn, those would be nice to have for winter tires/rims when I get out of the Navy
For the price, it wouldn't be a bad idea.
New Scat 360 H-beam Rods Half Price

Not mine.

Durango/Dakota 20" Wheels and Tires

1 - 20 of 784 Posts
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