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Found in the Classifieds - Post Notices Here

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This thread has been created for people to post links to items of interest that they found for sale by other people on other sites such as Craigslist, E-Bay, Autotrader, etc.
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found this in craigslist i think its funny. this guys dosent even know what he is trying to sell. hope he dosnt rip somebody off

How can he say this is a r/t when the vin wont come up r/t and it says "sport" right on the door :funny: But if it has lower miles then this would be a good deal for a 2002. Btw what is he thinking with these rims/tires. They look fugly. But I guess that why everyone has their own taste.
i would buy these if i had the money.. i just want to tires but i'm sure i could find someone that wanted the rims. but once again no money right now
I have the same set up but with smaller bfg m/ts and mine are silver

that's a pretty nice deal right? I'm thinking of getting it since the color is right.
no key and clamps is no good
150533977837 ebay item number. this a clock spring for a dakota. hope someone can use it.
i could use it
just dont post the link to the clear tails i kinda want them but they are so far away
edit: wait are you the one selling them?
the link has a name of jason and your name next to the avatar is jason
lol now you gave it away haha anyone can go to atl CL and find em
i saw em and want em but i cant do it unless you want silver rts
correcto mundo, i think they are priced a tad high
1 - 20 of 784 Posts
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