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For Sale/Trade: Two Mopar M1 Intakes and Lunati VooDoo Magnum Cam

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I have a couple things here I would like to sell or trade.

All located in the big town of Crossville, Illinois 62827

First I have two Mopar Magnum bolt pattern intake Manifolds for sale.

The first one is a Mopar M1 carbureted intake 4bbl square bore. Brand new, never touched and engine before. $185 shipped

The second one is a Mopar M1 "air gap style" Fuel injected. Complete from top to bottom:
5.9 throttle body (I dont know if the 5.9 tb is any different from a 5.2), 2 bbl to 4 bbl adaptor, stock 5.9 fuel injectors and fuel rails, braided fuel supply line to the fuel rails, water neck. This intake has been ran for a couple years on a durango. $265 shipped.

The next thing I have for sale a brand new (Never Ran) cam for the small block Magnum engine.

Specs are the same as the part number 20200712 (60412) Voodoo Roller Retrofit for the LA block. I had Lunati grind these lobes onto a cam that would work in the Magnum engine.

Specs are:

0.535" in / 0.550" ex with 1.5 rr
231 in / 239 ex @ 0.050
282 in / 290 ex adv
110 lsa 106 icl

Its brand new. I am asking $310 (that includes shipping). I will take check, paypal, money order. I am located in Crossville, Il 62821.

Things I am looking for that we could work out a deal with:

A pair of test/checking valve springs.
a pair of mr gasket 1121g head gaskets
New oil pan, intake manifold, valve cover, water pump, timing cover gaskets
Hughes 1110 valve springs
A new magnum water pump.
Oil pickup for durango oil pan
oil pan for durango
MSD 6 ignition box
ARP or MP head bolts
Internal balance Harmonic Balancer
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I have a few pictures of the intakes on my flikr account here:


The picture of the mopar part number on the manifold carb flange is for the non fuel injected magnum carb'd intake.
I have received dozens of messages about these two intake. i am replying in order of when they got to my inbox.
Fuel injected intake is SOLD
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