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For sale: Gen2 Mini overhead console w comp & Homelink

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For sale: Gen3 Mini overhead console w comp & Homelink

Hey, I have a gray mini overhead console for a Gen 3 Dakota... with the trip computer, lights, Homelink. It all is in good shape and works, and includes the mounting bracket, in case you want to do an upgrade from scratch.

Also includes a wiring pigtail, these are pretty simple to install & wire. This version only requires unswitched B+, GND, Keyswitch, light wires, and one-wire CAN (databus - 2002 & up?) hookups. If you've already got the cheap-o "clip" version, this installs quickly.

I also have the "clip" console, if you just want to replace a broken one of those.

I replaced my "clip" console twice, once with this mini computer console, and now again, with the larger console with a storage compartment.

I'll take any reasonable offer.


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It's for a 2002 - 2004 Dakota.... Don't know if it'll work in your '06.
The console includes a pigtail with short wire leads. There is plenty there to splice onto so you can extend the wires under the headliner to your A-pillar, then down to the fusebox & ECM, where you can pick up all the necessary signals.

I've done this, so I know the details. If you want it, I'll extend the wires and label them for you, so it'll be a breeze to hook up.

If you already have a console with lights, the light harness will plug right in.

The computer only needs 4 wires:
1) Battery + (fusebox)
2) GND (ring terminal to bolt near fusebox)
3) Data (CAN) tap into wire at ECM behind kick panel)
4) Keyswitch (IGN) (fusebox)

In my '03, the dimming is handled via the data bus, so no dimmer wire was required.
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No, it won't you have a 2 wire CAN network.
It should work for you. Do you have the "clip" console -- or no console?
If I'm going to add the wiring, I'll want $50. $40 as-is if you want to extend the wires yourself. Add shipping.

Email me off-list, tschw10117 AT aol DOT com
SOLD! Thanks.
Looking at the computer

Hey so looking at the computer picture at the top, which one is pin 1? Right side (that has the red wire) or left side?
That I don't know, (don't take my wiring numbering as gospel either) your best bet is going to be to find a wiring harness schematic and match up the colors on that connector. It will also tell you what wire you need to splice into down at the computer by the drivers' left foot. I can't get to my truck right now to tell you that. You will want some of those add-a-fuse taps for the B+ and Ignition wires in the fuse box. A ring terminal to pick up ground near the fuse box.

On an older computer I may have more detailed information. I'll look this evening.
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