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For sale: Gen2 Mini overhead console w comp & Homelink

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For sale: Gen3 Mini overhead console w comp & Homelink

Hey, I have a gray mini overhead console for a Gen 3 Dakota... with the trip computer, lights, Homelink. It all is in good shape and works, and includes the mounting bracket, in case you want to do an upgrade from scratch.

Also includes a wiring pigtail, these are pretty simple to install & wire. This version only requires unswitched B+, GND, Keyswitch, light wires, and one-wire CAN (databus - 2002 & up?) hookups. If you've already got the cheap-o "clip" version, this installs quickly.

I also have the "clip" console, if you just want to replace a broken one of those.

I replaced my "clip" console twice, once with this mini computer console, and now again, with the larger console with a storage compartment.

I'll take any reasonable offer.


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Is this for gen 2 or 3? Post title said 2, post says 3.

I have a 2006 Dakota.
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