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Hi all,

I've had a problem with my passenger side fog-light for some time, but have only recently (today) decided to investigate.

Easy test: I pulled the bulb from the drivers side (it's working) and plugged it into the receptacle on the passenger side - no light. I pulled the bulb from the passenger side and plugged it into the drivers side - light! So I know the bulbs are both fine.

I used the old volt-meter on the drivers side and I found just over 14.0 volts of power. On the passenger side I measured only 10.6.

Could the voltage drop be the issue? I'd have thought that even a little bit of juice would at least give me some light, albeit a low output.

How do I continue testing and troubleshooting? And what would cause a loss in power? Crappy cables or a break somewhere?

Thanks for any and all replies!!

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cut the wire and splice into drivers side. done.
+1 the fog wiring i believe is part of the larger loom of wires around the bottom of the radiator. it would be easier just to run a couple wires off the drivers side. they pull off the same circuit anyway so you wont have worry about any overloading or anything.
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