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Keep in mind I only replaced the stock muffler with a Flo Super 40 and put a slash cut dual tip on.

I mainly just did it for sound and looks.

No increase in mileage..I was getting 13.9 before the muffler and tonneau cover according to the digital read out. I now get 14.4. WOW!! LOL

In all honesty...it's loud outside the truck, from inside I don't think it's that loud and everyone says "are you nuts?" That's because it's not that loud on the inside.

I had an 86 IROC with the 80 series which is an origianl 40 series made for f body cars. That was LOUD INSIDE!!

SO, the Flow super 40 is loud outside, not as aggressive and tinny as the original, but definately worth $75 I paid for some rumble! It decreases interior resonance drastically over the original 40 but can be heard on the inside of the cabin. Not to the point to where you can't hear on your cell phone but you can still hear the radio at low levels. It's a nice compromise between the Original 40 and say a fiberglass packed muffler.

My dad put a Magnaflow on his Avalanche and he wished he would have got the Super 40. The Mag is just not loud enough, WELL yet because it will get louder with time because it is a glass packed muff.

So I give it :biggthump :biggthump :biggthump :biggthump :biggthump Out of 5
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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