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If you didn't pick a kit yet I'd reccomend the adrenaline one, I have the dakota kit on my truck. It's pretty sweet and rides really nice. I don't think I would be able to clear 33's without rubbing unless I get some new offset rims (which they fail to tell you) I have 255/75R17 about 32" tall 10.4" wide, Goodyear wranglers on R/T 17x9's and they rubbed a bit. Possibly thinking of using 0.5" spacers from baer brakes.

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here is my rig with 33s on a 5.5 suspension lift.

TC 5.5 IFS lift
33x12.5 15 Goodyear Wrangler Kevlar tires
15 in 6.4 Rims (steel)
RideEffex Helper Springs (3000#s)
Winch 12,500#s
Dual battery
1500WATT Inverter (120v outlets inside)
Ham UHF VHF Am FM CB Radio
On board Air compressor 100% duty cycle 120PSI 5Gal tank
New Transfer case
New Transmission
New upper ball joints (Super Duty)
New Tie Rods inner and outer (Moog)
New Lower Ball Joints (super duty)
New Rotors
New Calipers
e-locker (Rear) 9.25
On board Fire extinguisher (Chem)
Iron bull bumper from Ironbulljumpers.com
Plugs Bosch +4
EdelBrock 10 in Air filter
Custom made electrical sub station with computer control monitoring, used a HP dv7 Laptop removed screen and installed 10 in LCD touch screen monitor and Wireless 104 key mini keyboard, wrote software to interface with data connection and computer of the truck to monitor performance and really nice to have INTERNET access with Wirelss or tethering cell phone.

Onboard dash cam please note, Video doesn't show how steep the hills are since this is a Dash Cam
(sample video at youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3E6Q_-X8Nk

Left to do:

Rear bumper I am making myself (Dual Jerry cans , Spare tire, winch, able to carry spare axles)
Replace front shocks with Reservoir Pro Comp and rear with Reservoir Pro Comps MX6
1/4 steel plate for under armor to cover transfer case and Gas tank (Sad news is 1sqft = 10 pounds so I am looking at 300 pounds more)
Making the Top roof mount light bar will post pics once I finish, they are a mix of Sunbeams and LEDS 50Amps total
Engine Rebuild kit upgrades with Mopar using Extreme performance High torque RV tow cam (318 5.2L)
Viper remote ignition alarm system with Iphone app Custom voice (with count down "Self Destruction in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ....) in to days world people may just believe it.
Replace clutch Fan with Dual Electric Fans
Increase transmission cooling coils to a bigger foot print.
Going true dual exhaust with flange connections so i can put in the joining pipe for the cat when need to smog.

Updated Pics after Leaf Srping helpers:
Dude sick bumper! where can I get one?

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This write up is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks everyone who has put into this! I just got in to a 2002 Durango SLT with 265/70/16r and I'm looking to get onto Goodyear Durateks 285/ 75/ 16 I would be different rims with better back-spacing for the rims.

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I had to cut my inner fender wells a bit like the OP had done in hia write up.Then I built my bumper and ball joint spacers. I got no rub unless I'm going trough some really rough areas. I also have wheel spacers on as well.


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