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So I've had turbo diesels and built motor cars before but this really is my first supercharged vehicle. I got a Dakota now that's been my crawler for about 2 years now. Its on 42s and is a unique rig. I wanted to do something unique with the motor and ended up scoring a Dakota 4.7 with the Kennebell set up on it with only 102k on the clock. The truck flat out gets it. I'm going to be swapping this motor into my crawler and then my crawler 4.7 back into this one, then selling it. Question is this. Should I do anything to the motor once I pull it out while I have it out for like maintenance? Such as Oil pump? valve seats? the common problems I've ran into with my stock Dakota with higher miles. Should I do anything to the charger while everything is out?? Now this is my wheeling rig and I want to know if there are things I should or shouldn't do while being supercharged.... Like High rpms for a long time ect...... Lot of questions but just want to make sure I do everything right. I plan on putting pillars on it. Which gauges would be best for that?
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