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First hemi swap. Will this engine fit stock trans.

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So my truck has been parked for around 2 months now. The “mechanic” I thought I had working on it as a side hustle for him apparently sprayed starter fluid into my intake to get it my 4.7 to start. Well the engine “coughed” flames and he blew my head gasket as well as put one of my spark plugs straight through a piston. So after pricing engines I’ve decided to hemi swap.(good 5.7 with low miles hard to find without spending a fortune) well I found a 2008 Chrysler 300c 5.7 hemi and they want to sell me the entire car for $2,000. Car runs but front pumper and radiator busted from the accident. Will the 5.7 from the 300c bolt to my 545RFE stock trans? I know Rams, Durango’s, some jeeps do. But I can’t seem to find anything on the 300. I’ve religiously researched the hemi swaps on this forum for 3 weeks so I’m pretty sure I’ll get it done either way. But if anyone can confirm or deny the 300c hemi would be appreciated as well as other hemi swap owners for 2005+ input much appreciated.

if enough people would like me to document the entire process I can set up either video of removal, harness transfer, and installation or just make a post into this thread detailing anything I might find that others didn’t or forgot to mention. Let me know.
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