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MoPaR DaK said:
Sorry to hijack here but does the vasaline work good? I'm working on this old boat for my brother that he got for free and the previous owner must have piled the port side of this thing up on a jetty or hit some pretty jagged rocks so there are some big holes in the hull of this thing. But anyways, working on one of the smaller holes I used a wood platform and with a layer of aluminum foil, then news paper over that, and laid the glass on top of that and used a jack to hold the glass against the hull. After doing that, the top of the glass (which would be facing the inside of the boat and had air and sun directly at it) cured perfect and strong.. but the bottom is still tacky so I'm thinking it might have something to do with the news paper. But anyways.. think vasaline will allow it to cure better?
to fix my small fiberglass boat, i put resin around the crack or hole, used fiberglass mat as a patch, layed resin over, once harden, got on the inside and resin on the back to fill in. worked great now just to get a 10- 15 hp motor.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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