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I have a friend of mine that need help. This isn't a truck related issue but he does own a durango. A little over a year ago a good friend of mine was stopped on the board walk in West Haven Ct for open carrying his hand gun. Which by the way it totally legal in Ct. He was asked to show his permit, which he kindly refused to do since he did nothing wrong. He was subsequently arrested and charged with interfering with an officer. In this process his his pistol permit was pulled even before he went to court. His day in court came and the judge dropped all charges stating that no crime was committed. He then has to appear before the board of firearms commission and his permit was reinstated. Now he has gotten a letter from the state of Ct saying that they are appealing the board of firearms decision and are a try to permanently revoke his pistol permit. Now this is where you guys can help. My buddy has gotten a lawyer and is going to fight this appeal. He is not only fighting for himself but for every gun owner in Ct and possibly a crossed the country to help keep the right to carry firearms for self defense. I say acrossed the county because this case will be looked upon for guidance in future cases. He need to rise funds to fight is legal battle to show the state of Ct that they can not bully it citizens on how they can carry their firearms. Here is the link if you would like to donate and help his cause.

Thanks in advance
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