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Feeler Gen II Durango suspension lift

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4-6" lift for Gen II Durango

Ok I just aquired a 08 Durango SLT with the 4.7l flex fuel. I have to say I love it. The only thing I hate is that there is no lift avaliable other than the Key lift of 2-3". Not enough for me. So having a background in fabrication. I am going to make my own lift as stated above of 4-6". I am wondering though how many others out there might be interested in the same lift. Since various component will have to be cut and machined. Would be more cost effective to build more than one at a time. Not looking to make a profit just wondering if there are any other enthusiast that I can help with my endever

The kit would comprise:
lower control arm relocation brackets and supports
New knuckles most likley CNC machined components
Torsion bar relocation brackets. most likley to mirror those used By rancho on the H3 and Colarado kits.
Sway bar relocation bracket

As well as new springs for the rear and ladder bars.

Anyway if any of you are interested let me know as I will begin drawing all this up in Autocad Inventor
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Making new knuckles will cost alot!
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