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February Totm

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Voting Has Begun Please Take Some Time To Vote!
And On My Birthday Month!
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Thanks for the Speed Bump Rick
Big Bump!
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Nice Bump Jimi!
you're welcome
More STuff

This is a copy from another post
Today I installed the other set of Memphis seperates I picked up from 2KRT and Installed them with the Memphis 75x2 Amp I picked up from Loudrango.
My Friend and I Built a simple Box and Wrapped it up in Factory Leather Type material I picked up from Darren.
It really brings the sound completely out the back for tailgating now.
I have to add I more Video screen in the back for tailgating.

You can also see teh Black suede headliner I did a while ago in the pic.
Told you they Sound good
Its loud....
Now on to the TV screen PARTY ZONE
Finish the top of the box with the same to follow the console and doors...Sweet
Glad you like,I do

I am debating either it coming from roof of D or from the rear hatch
I think Gate would be easy to see when Tailgate is open
On the roof would be hard to see from the rear,You will have to stand in the rear straight on to see it
What size are you thinking?

15-20" I think would be ok!
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