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Fan Clutch Removal Without Special Tools

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Hey guys I just replaced my fan clutch and had a bitch of a time and everyone seems to have they're own tips but all I tried failed so I thought I'd share mine.

So I bought a fan clutch and a big crescent wrench to replace mine but obviously the problem is the water pump pulley spins. Mine had at least been on there three years and 50 thousand miles so it was stuck. I tried to impact the wrench and it didn't work so I tried to tension the belt but I started backing out the nut on the tensioner. The BFH wasn't working and I don't know how someone would fit bolts through the holes so that wasn't happening. What I did is unbolted the fan shroud and removed the belt. Lift the shroud as high as it will go and get in there with just a pair of vise grips. I was nervous about any posts about pipe wrenches or pliers because I didn't want to damage the belt mating surface. So what i did is grabbed the pulley on the front and back with a rounded jaw set of vise grips and lock it. Now turn it a little and the vise grips will lock against the outlet port going to the heater core. From there lower the fan shroud back down grab it with a wrench and pull. I used a crescent wrench with a pipe wrench on the end for some extra leverage. And thats all there is to it.

I just hope this helps someone so they don't have to constantly struggle all night like I did especially since the autozone tool loaner program only has the tool for the nut not to hold the pulley back, that one was 35 dollars to order or 80 in stock. The goal was to get it done and I did, without damaging the pulley itself.

Happy tinkering
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Could also buy a set of strap wrenches to hold the pulley with. They are under $20 from Harbor Freight for a set fo three different sizes and come in handy more time than you would think.
I have one man, I'm actually a plumber and I used it to take the flywheel off my bike when I rebuilt it. The problem is you have to hold them and they tend to slip if not squeezed to hell. Who doesn't have a pair of vise grips laying around though and its much easier when they are holding back for you. I just wanted to help the next person along because I struggled after looking through dozens of posts on here
What style strap wrench? I've seen more than one. The ones I have tighten up as you put pressure on them so there is no squeezing, and as you try to loosen the fan nut the strap gets tighter and clamps harder..
Just a strap wrench. When you push the loop of the strap against the flat part of the wrench it tightens up, I use it at work when working on expensive faucets or chrome nipples as to not put teeth marks from pliers in. It probably would have worked but then again when I did it on my bike to beat buying a special Kawasaki brand tool, it busted my ass
These are what I have and work well. I used them to remove clutch fan with water pump off the truck.
Gotta love walmart.... I have one that isn't as fancy its Husky from Home Depot like all my work hand tools, because I like all name brand tools. It'll be the downfall of my bank accounts one day but oh well
95% of my tools are Craftsman. The rest are either Walmart or Harbor Freight. Which are just the "special" tools that are kind of a one time use or rare use item I couldn't see paying a premium price for.
95% of my tools are Craftsman. The rest are either Walmart or Harbor Freight. Which are just the "special" tools that are kind of a one time use or rare use item I couldn't see paying a premium price for.
Amen....Most of mine are craftsman and harbor freights just like you. I went to harbor freight to buy the vise grip on chains to remove the nut on the fan clutch. I did this after failing using a strap wrench that broke because of the force I applied to try to remove the nut. Actually broke 2 strap wrenches.
Yeah I hear you man most of my auto tools are Craftsman with the occasional OEM Autozone and Husky just as basic tools. The warranty is what you have to look for, the few Craftsman tools I broke get exchanged no questions asked. It's a shame they don't make all the auto tools they used to if you go on ebay Craftsman used to make so many specialty tools that they now don't
A strap wrench is the way to go when doing this.
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