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factory tow hook install

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I got a set of factory tow hooks, and for the life of me cant get the long bolt that connects the frame rail to the front end, all it is doing is spinning the bushing on top. soaked it in break free, tried a Impact...nothing is working, and i cant get a hack-saw under the head to just push it out. Any ideas??
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I just got an '05 myself and was thinking of adding tow hooks. Would you post a picture of yours? It would be good to see what you came up with.
Anyone else have any ideas? I can't afford a new bumper with D Rings, would like to add hooks or Rings some other way.

Thanks for showing the pics, they look better than I thought they would.
I ordered a set of factory hooks I will post before and after pics when they come in. I am going to try to get the hooks and the bull bar from my old truck on the '05.
Thanks, that info may just come in very handy. Still have not heard from Mopar Parts.Com on my shipmet.

Where's my Tow Hooks??
Nice looking rig there Dakotaff! It looks like you got the bar and the hooks to work on your truck?

My tow hooks are in, I think I will start on this next week, too busy this week. I iwll post before and after pics.
1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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