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factory tow hook install

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I got a set of factory tow hooks, and for the life of me cant get the long bolt that connects the frame rail to the front end, all it is doing is spinning the bushing on top. soaked it in break free, tried a Impact...nothing is working, and i cant get a hack-saw under the head to just push it out. Any ideas??
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factory tow hook? i've never seen a dakota with tow hooks
They are an option, and standard on some packages such as the TRX4...and I solved my own issue, since the bolts will not come out of the bushings(found out they were body hold downs) I just cut the bolt head off and ordered 2 new bushings
oh they must have finally got smart and decided to make them available on the newer ones i know i havent seen them on 2nd or 3rd gens though
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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