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Factory Intake Manifold Modifications

(You'll need to remove the intake manifold for this as well as removing the plenum plate - aka: belly pan.)

(1) If you are one of the unlucky people who received a factory manifold with the plenum divider that runs all the way to the bottom, remove the intake and cut it back by no more than 2". If you don't have the full-length divider, go to step 2
(2) Remove all casting flash from the runners and port edges.
(3) Radius all edges on the runners
(4) Radius the injector bosses on the head mating surface of the manifold
(5) Radius the edges of the throttle body bores (45 degree angle)
(6) Install an APS Billet Aluminum Plenum Plate Kit (available through our website)
(7) Replace the injectors with a set of Ford Motorsports 19# High Flow (optional step)
** 2000+ models use RED Colored 21# injectors (factory) - Do NOT downgrade the injectors to the Design-III FMS 19# **

Those will help bring out the lower to mid RPM band power and smoothness. The billet aluminum pan will also fix that annoying "belly pan leak" problem.

While the factory manifold can be modified even more by cutting the runners and filling the plenum, save your money on those two steps and buy an M1-2BBL MPI Manifold.
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