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There is a plastic plate on the passanger side of the rad. If I remove that will it help get more cool air near the intake? I still have the factory intake stuff with the tube kinda pointing towards the wheel well.

Would doing this have absolutely no benifit? Or could it cause any problems?

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The elbow is just there to allow it to suck in "cooler" air by getting air further away fromt he engine. If you're going to remove the plastic from the side of the radiator, then you will be getting a lot of cooler air. So, why have that elbow there that will just inhibit the amount of air that can be sucked in?

Now, if you're planning on putting in a cold air intake, you may want to think twice about removing the plastic piece next to the radiator. With that gone, bugs and rain would have a straight shot to your filter. In which case you would need to put up a small shield (just angle it off of the shield you'd want to put in to keep engine heat at bay..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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