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Corepred4 said:
confused, i have a 2.5L 4 banger dakota i want to put an exhaust so that there are two exhaust pipes coming out the back. is that called a dual exhaust? i don't know crap about this. what is a y-pipe h-pipe or whatever pipe there is, somebody please explain.
Y, X, and H pipes are used when you have a V6 or V8 truck which have two exhaust manifolds.

If you are using a single input catalytic converter and muffler, a Y-Pipe is bolted up to the two exhaust manifolds and merges the exhaust stream into a single pipe. You can use a single input/double output muffler to achive two pipes at the back of the truck if you wish.

X and H pipes are used if you are using dual pipes with two mufflers and two catalytic converters throughout the system - a junction is run between the two pipes in the shape of an X or H to help balance out the pressure in the pipes.

In your case, a single input/dual output muffler is all that is required for double exhaust. Any competent exhaust shop should be able to get you that type of muffler and do the fabrication for the pipes.
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