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Exhaust Pics

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Looking for inspiration for true duals... anyone wanna post some pics of their exhaust exits ?

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k around what do you think it would cost me
whats the bulge after the x pipe... and i see your 02s but where the cats or do you have any
Those bulges are cats, and they're way too far downstream. The X pipe is supposed to go where the heat driven velocity falls off, and the cats are after the X? Converters need to heat up in order to catalyze fuel, therefore they need to be close to the motor. Best case, they simply won't do anything. Worst case - and most likely - they clog up and his mileage and power gets killed.
maby they are resionators
maby they are resionators
Nope. Those are cats. Although they may be gutted.
I'm going to clean my R/T up and take pics.
Dumps ftmfw! Altho, mine's a lil loud, they're 3.5" and dumped right at the back of the cab. :mullet:

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while i dont have any exhaust pics persay i do have a short clip...

this was obviously before i lowered it.
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i have a si/do flowmaster but the tips exit about like you sig on each side... has 45deg tips with the point closest to the bumper and the short side of the 45 closer to the tire see if i can find some pix to help you see what im talking about

How pity is he. Don't you have a garage for him?
no garage... still renting appartments lol cant wait till i get a house ima build a 3bay 2car deep garage and get a twin post lift i cant wait till i can buy a place with some land
Mines not a true dual setup, but her's how it exits.

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