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Engine Quest heads with full MPP Valve train, 1.92 intake 1.625 exhaust .600 springs, Bronze valve guidesprice dropped 8/17 $950 shipped to lower 48
Paypal is [email protected] send as gift or add the 3%

I finally made the trip to get some flow numbers. The driver side (odd) was just gone through and they referred me to the only guy around with a flowbench.
These were ported and polished, Mopar .600 springs, seals, locks, retainers.
I had to strip down the passenger (even) side to get it bench tested, I plan on leaving them that way unless someone really wants me to reassemble. They'd work as is, but it's likely the new owner might want to go w/ 2.02s and cut the runners.

Flow is at 25ft water pressure

So what do the numbers mean? He tests everything at 25ft water pressure, where most of the comparisons will have been done at 28. The circled numbers are swirl, don't really understand myself. The rest of the numbers mean the exhaust flows pretty dang good, The reason #4 has n/a at 600 is that the keepers hit the seals at 540 and 580. The intake could do better with the runners cut, there's plenty of meat left.

The port polish was mainly done on the bowls, and the exhaust out. Casting imperfections were removed from the intake runners but that's about it. The port polish was done by me, I spent about 100 hours in the garage with a compressor blaring and die grinder wearing out my forearms. Fresh 3 angle was done, and Bronze valve guides were added about 1500 miles ago. The whole setup has just over 4000 miles.

I had him test the springs from the even head, the odd head was already tested during overhaul and one spring was replaced.

What do these numbers mean? It's means the spring painted yellow below could use a .0003 shim to be the same as the rest.

He explained to me how the keepers could have .0003 shaved off, and the valve seat under the seal could be cut lower to get the full .600 of movement out of the springs, but it wouldn't be necessary unless the cam really needed the room.

He also explained to me how flow numbers could be improved by making cuts to the valve right next to where it seats. He was telling me all kinds of stories about building world record cars for the Bonneville Salt Flats, and this year helped a guy build a Passat for the BSF that's expected to break 230mph.

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Good price. I which you would have posted these up for sale before i bought my RHS/INDY X Heads. Ooh well

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