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Engine Swap from a 2004 dakota to a 2001 dakota

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I have a 2004 crashed dodge dakota quad cab and a 2001 with a knocking engine and a head gasket leak. I am going to attempt to switch out the 2004 engine into the 2001. Both are Quad cabs and both engines are a 4.7. The Engines look a bit different from the top. Example, the a/c compressor hoses look different. I haven't looked at them closely but I am sure there are more differences. I have been busy swapping out the interior and electric components so that everything works. I have finished the interior and have done all that I can do to the exterior. My Question is: what are the differences? Should I just take the whole thing out at once with the tranny still connected? I am sure I will have to switch computers? I want to do this as easy as possible without switching intakes, Exhaust manifolds, power steering, ac, etc. Like I said I have both trucks in my drive way so I have most of the parts that I need. Anyone have experience changing engines between years?
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2oo4 Dakota blown HEAD what can i do cost efficient??
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