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for lack of knowing the proper place to start this maybe someone can tell me or move it for me.
I have a 1989 dodge Dakota 4x4 3.9 auto. it is not mine now but I get to figure this problem out. maybe someone here can help.

the problem is the engine will stat them stop but sometimes it will stay running. because I don't have it all the time I can't say for sure if it is heat or cold related. but last week in the garage is started every try for at least 10 times then the guy started it to take it home and walla it failed to start. so now I thought I had something to go on. I check the fuel nothing I checked the spark and it had spark. then after a few try's it again started. so I check fuel pressure and it had pressure based on feeling the inlet to the tb hose. I removed the outlet hose and the it quit. replaced the outlet and it ran. pinched the inlet and it finally quit and while trying to restart and letting off the pinch a bit at a time it started. so I changed the pump today it is back in the garage and it has the same intermittent problem. I double checked the Hanes book and I see the fuel pump connect to power the same as the coil so I'm a bit stumped. could I have a bad pump or am I looking at the print wrong?
I don't see the pump relay in the wire diagram but I do see the auto shutdown relay. but the as relay stops both the spark and the pump so should I have a bad pump relay still/ thanks. bp.
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